European/ Swedish Massage: 

This is the most common type of massage. This form of bodywork consists of long flowing strokes which send the body into deep relaxation. Swedish Massage also helps move toxins out of the body, increase circulation, and loosen tight muscles. It increases circulation without increasing heart load, and reduces stress, both emotional and physical. Swedish Massage shortens the recovery time from muscular strain by flushing the tissues of lactic acid and other metabolic waste.

30 min/ $40.00    60 min/ $70.00    90min/$110.00    120min/$140.00

Deep Tissue:

This is a stronger, firmer massage that focuses on altering muscle restrictions, alleviating tension through deep muscle relaxation. Deep tissue massage is used for chronic pain and to rehabilitate muscles after auto accidents and injuries.

30 min/$45.00    60 min/$85.00    90min/$125.00    120 min/ $170.00

Hot Stone:

Volcanic Basalt Stones are heated and used to massage deep into tired muscles for a deeply relaxing massage. Stone therapy can soften tension and melt worries away, while bringing deep tissue release and alignment between body, mind and spirit.

60 min/ $100.00

AMMA Therapy:

An Oriental massage technique incorporating a form of acupressure to relieve muscle tension and promote the circulation of blood and qi (pronounced chee)-the vital energy or "life force". Unlike western massage, AMMA utilizes no oils and can be done through clothing.

60 min/ $70.00

Reflective Foot Massage:

A foot massage incorporating pressure points to drain toxins and relieve stress in order to relax tired overworked feet.

30 min/ $40.00 OR   may be added to any of the above treatments. 25 min/ $30.00